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Journal Papers
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An output-feedback adaptive actuator failure compensation controller for systems with unknown state delays May 2012
Adaptive Robust H∞ Control of Time Delay Systems with Unknown Uncertainty Bounds October 2012
Synchronization of unified chaotic system by sliding mode/mixed H2/H∞ control May 2012
Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Simultaneous Coordinated Tuning of Damping Controller September 2012
Design of Stabilizing Signals by Using Model Predictive Control Optimized by New Hybrid Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm July 2012
Power System Stabilization Using Model Predictive Control Based on Imperialist Competitive Algorithm May 2011
Power System stabilization using model predictive controller based on imperialist competitive algorithm June 2011
Adaptive Robust Control of Uncertain Systems with State and Input Delay October 2010
Qualitative Model Based Fault Diagnosis Using a Threshold Level July 2010
Three-Level Five-Phase Space Vector PWM Inverter for a Two Five-Phase Series Connected Induction Machine Drive February 2010
Nonlinear sliding-mode control of a multi-motor web-winding system without tension sensor April 2009
Sliding-mode control for a six-phase series-connected induction two-motor drive March 2008
On qualitative behavior of a closed-loop quantized system September 2007
Conference Papers
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A new reconfigurable fault tolerant control design based on Laguerre series September 2012
Robust adaptive actuator failure compensation controller for systems with unknown time-varying state delays September 2012
Power System stabilizers Design by using shuffled frog leaping April 2010
A Novel Analytical Framework for Qualitative Model-Based Fault Diagnosis June 2010
Output-feedback model reference adaptive control of linear continuous state delayed systems in the presence of actuator failures June 2010
Input Time Delay Systems Identification Via Wavelet approach June 2010
Modeling and Control of Flatness in Cold Rolling Mill Using Fuzzy Petri Nets June 2010
Asymptotic Stability of Time Delay Systems With Unknown Uncertainty Bounds Using Adaptive Robust Control August 2010
Event scheduling of timed automata using dioid algebra June 2010
Optimal automated manual transmission by fuzzy logic April 2009
Model-refrence adaptive control for a nonlinear Boiler-Turbin system September 2008
Controller design by dynamic output sensing for linear partially-quantized feedback control systems August 2008
Nonlinear decoupled control for multi-motors web winding system using the sliding-mode technique June 2008
State Estimation Using a Qualitative State Observer October 2008
Nonlinear sliding-mode control of a multi-motors web winding system without tension sensor September 2008
A New Method for Detection Discrete-Trace Transition Systems of Hybrid Systems October 2008
Direct torque control of a two five-phase series connected Induction Machine drive using a three-level five-phase space vector PWM inverter September 2008
Output-feedback MRAC for continuous state delay systems: the relative degree two case August 2007
Robust Adaptive Tracking Using Mixed Normalized/Unnormalized Estimation Error February 2007
Parametric identification of input-delay systems with unknown time delay August 2007
Improving Transient Response of Model Reference Neuro-Controller via Constrained Optimization June 2007
Face recognition using fractional multiple exemplar discriminant analysis June 2007
The Evaluation of Camera Motion, Defocusing and Noise Immunity for Linear Appearance Based Methods in Face Recognition June 2007
Face Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform plus Linear Discriminant Analysis July 2007
Adaptive Control of Doubly Fed Field-Oriented Induction Machine Based On Recursive Least Squares Method Taking the Iron Loss Into account August 2006
Estimating strange attractor's dimension in very noisy data, application to FOREX time series May 2006
A nonlinear adaptive controller for speed sensor less PMSM taking the iron loss resistance into account September 2005
Controller reconfiguration based on a qualitative model: A solution of Three- Tank benchmark problem September 1999
Books Chapter
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On-line parameters estimation with application to electrical drives January 2009
A new method in Face recognition April 2008
Reconfigurable control of three tank system September 2001

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